Work for us

We’re currently looking for motivated, self-employed coaches to join our team

It’s about giving children the best start in life.

Kirin Sport is on a mission to give children better opportunities to connect with sport inside and outside of school. One of our core aims is to improve the coaching standards across primary education. Not only will this help children develop a positive relationship with sport (one they can carry forward into adulthood), but it also helps children to become more active, get fit and reap the benefits of teamwork and competition.

So we’re looking for enthusiastic coaches who love sport and love teaching sport; coaches who share the same values about raising educational standards.

The ideal coach is someone who

  • sees their occupation as something more than doing a job and getting paid
  • really wants to make a difference to the lives of children
  • believes that sport has an important role to play in society
  • is committed to delivering outstanding coaching
  • takes pride in helping children be successful at whatever sport they’re learning
  • is capable of meeting our quality control standards
  • hold a level 1 or 2 national governing body qualification in any sport
  • minimum one-year experience in working with children (Desirable)

Current Vacancies

  • Senior Coach (self-employed)
  • Assistant Coach (self-employed)
  • Volunteer (gaining experience and learning different aspects of the business)

Is that you?