Kirin Sport is about giving children the best start in life

Our aim is to help schools raise their PE standards and give children access to high-quality opportunities.

Some of the greatest sporting champions have one thing in common: they had access to professional coaching at an early age. Now imagine if every child in the country had this kind of opportunity.

We aim to create improved learning pathways which include better quality PE lessons, lunchtime provisions, and extracurricular activities.

However, it’s not just about sporting excellence. Being physically active on a regular basis is essential for good health and well-being. So it’s about helping children develop positive relationships with sport and physical activities in general. By doing so we give them a better chance of developing healthy lifestyles.

But a healthy lifestyle is more than being active. Good nutrition, reasonable character and a sincere respect for the environment also come into play. With the understanding that these factors are interconnected, we endeavour to include them in our long term objectives.

We achieve our aims by;

  • Using our expertise to deliver outstanding physical and sporting education
  • Giving children access to professional coaching
  • Connecting schools to local clubs, coaches and dance educators
  • Supporting primary schools and teachers with expert training and advice
  • Being innovative and committed to continual improvement