Give under-5s a headstart with specialist EYFS classes

Get under-5s prepared for the school environment.

The benefits of our EYFS programme:

  • Works on their fine-motor skills

  • Works on their core i.e. helps them with balance and strength

  • Gives them experience of working in groups

  • Helps them get an idea of their own limitations and abilities

  • Gives them experience socialising outside the familial environment

  • They learn about listening to teachers and understanding rules

  • Understanding the implications of not following rules

  • Familiarises them with the school environment

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Syllabus covers EYFS framework and is linked to KS1

The syllabus we use is designed to cover the physical development aspect of the EYFS framework. But we don’t stop there. We also link the classes to KS1 so that when the children start school, they’re already one step ahead.

Specially designed for under-5s

Our strategy is designed for under-5s. It covers the basics: discipline, listening and coordination skills such as running, hopping, skipping and jumping. It’s also designed to help the children make the transition into a more structured learning environment.

We frame the lessons with a relatable narrative to boost engagement

Each lesson contains a frame-narrative using stories or characters the children are familiar with (e.g. Teletubbies). This makes it fun and exciting for them and improves the participation and success rates.

Short lessons for short attention spans

Lessons are designed to cater for the low concentration levels of very young children.

End of year sports-day

The syllabus leads up to an end of year sports-day where the children get to have fun and show off their new skills in a competitive environment that’s appropriate for their age. Not only does it help the children gain a sense of achievement, it also becomes a fun social occasion that gets the parents involved.

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