PPA Cover That Makes A Difference

Professional coaches and well-designed lessons ensure that our PPA cover makes a meaningful contribution to your school.


  • Can work with your current syllabus or design a new syllabus from scratch

  • Detailed lesson plans based on expertise and enjoyment levels

  • Quality control ensures excellent teaching and safeguarding standards

  • Work towards or maintain your School Games Gold Mark

  • Free taster lesson. Try us out before you make a decision

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Raise the PE standards in your school

PPA cover is a great opportunity to raise the overall PE standards in primary schools and inspire children to participate in sport. This is why our approach is different: we use professional coaches to deliver outstanding PE lessons and give children (from all walks of life) access to more opportunities.

Better outcomes: happier children means happier parents

As well as covering KS1 and KS2 objectives, our PE lessons are designed to increase participation, engagement and enjoyment. The benefits of this approach are immense: happier children means happier parents and a more successful educational environment. So whether you’re a independent enterprise looking to attract new clientele, or a state school aiming for a gold mark, our PPA cover will help you achieve your goals.

Save time and energy with our syllabus architecture service

Before the school year starts, let our experts take the pressure off you and your team by designing a complete PE syllabus for your school. Not only will it be in line with the national curriculum, but we’ll put in place the most effective programme tailored to your school’s specific needs.

Supporting a syllabus that’s already in place

If you already have a syllabus in place, we’ll design our lesson plans around it and make sure they’re delivered exactly to your requirements. Essentially we can come in at any stage during the year and work with what’s already there.

Detailed lesson plans

We take pride in producing lesson plans that not only cover KS1 and KS2, but are

  • properly structured for maximum discipline and educational value
  • spatially optimised
  • optimised for big classes (30+ pupils)

But we don’t stop there. We base our lesson plans on professional standards for a given sport. So if it’s football, for example, the lesson plan will be based on the professional coaching standards laid out by the Football Association (FA).

Quality control that gives you peace of mind

Our quality control process gives you peace of mind knowing that your safeguarding policy is being adhered to and that the teaching is of a high standard

All of our coaches

  • are DBS and insurance checked
  • have safeguarding training
  • are minimum Level 2 qualified with at least one year’s experience

Where we source our coaches from:

We generally source Level-2 coaches via the UCFB University of Sport. Many of them are actually working towards their sports degree. They are carefully selected to ensure they meet our quality standards, which means your pupils benefit from a coach that is professional, motivated and enthusiastic about delivering fantastic PE.

Work toward or maintain your gold mark

A quality-focused approach means our PPA cover contributes to achieving or maintaining a gold mark. So if you’re School Games registered, our service will help you ‘hit the mark’.

Our specialist strategy

  • raises participation
  • supports the workforce element
  • can source coaches from local clubs

We’ve helped several schools achieve a gold mark. Get in touch for more info.

A thorough, step-by-step planning process

Whether it’s working with your current syllabus or implementing a new one, our planning process is designed to ensure your school makes the most of our service.

Step One: Consultation

Our senior coordinator will meet up with you for a face-to-face discussion. At this stage it’s about getting to know your school and your goals.

Step Two: Assessment

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, the next step will be to conduct a thorough assessment of the school environment. This will give us a clear idea of what possibilities and limitations we’re working with.

Then we’ll conduct a risk assessment of the proposed area to ensure the lessons meet health and safety standards.

Step Three: Gauging interest

We’ll carry out a survey to find out what the children are interested in. This helps us develop lesson plans that appeal to the children, which in turn helps to improve participation and engagement.

Step Four: Recommendations

Based on what we find, we’ll report back to you with our expert recommendations. You’ll be under no obligation to implement them.

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