Turn Breaks into Key Stage Development

High quality education during playtime that feeds into the national curriculum.

  • Turn lunch breaks into education without increasing your workload
  • Designed to maximise participation levels
  • Helps to reduce bullying
  • Activities aligned to the national curriculum and your PE syllabus
  • Supports the workforce element of School Games Mark
  • We can cater for SEN pupils
  • Support for children of all skill levels
  • We’ll run trials for your competitive teams
  • Quality control gives you peace of mind

Maximise Participation Levels

Our lunchtime provisions are designed to get children participating. We do this by:

  • offering a varied programme that caters for everyone
  • properly structured activities with clear boundaries
  • creating fun, active learning environments that children of all skill levels enjoy
  • working with small groups to help children of different skill levels
  • providing printed timetables so children can plan their own schedule
  • organising the session according to year groups
  • having a zero-tolerance for bullying

Educational Lunch Breaks

Lunchtime provisions are a great learning opportunity for children.

  • We only use professional coaches
  • We take care of all the vetting, planning and implementation

Competitive Team Trials

If your school is entering competitions, we can use the lunch break to run trials to help you pick the teams. This includes setting a deadline for entering the trial, announcing the list and then (depending on numbers) running activities over a couple of days. We’ll assess the trialists and take notes. You can then make your decision and announce the team.

We’ve found that this is a great way to generate excitement and improve participation levels in the school.

We can also run training sessions to get the team ready for competition.

School Games Mark​

If you’re school games registered, our lunchtime provisions help you work towards or maintain the gold mark. Not only do we increase participation, but we also support your sports leaders by giving them tasks and responsibilities.

Fully Inclusive

All of our lunchtime activities are designed to both challenge and support every individual child we coach as we strongly believe they all have the potential to succeed and excel in sport.

Our fully inclusive lunchtime  programmes enable children to engage positively and safely with each other. We nurture friendship and a healthy approach towards sport by creating a safe and respectful learning environment.


We take safeguarding extremely seriously but equally believe it is the responsibility of everyone at Kirin Sport to make sure each child is kept safe. All our coaches have a transferable DBS certificate. We also deliver our own safeguarding training to all of our coaches and staff. A part of this training is to ensure that our coaches and staff thoroughly read and digest the contents of the safeguarding policy for the schools they work in.

National Curriculum

All of our activities are designed to work on the key stages by supporting your current PE syllabus. This helps to improve the overall development of the children.